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I just love my new noise box ever!

You nailed it!


A versatile, touchable sound- and noisegenerator with a lot of sonic possibilities to explore.
comes with an intuitive interface consisting of twelve heavy nails, six 3-way-switches and six potis.
makes absolute weird sonic noisewalls and rhythmic ever-changing patterns.
circuit based on a paper circuit of peter blasser.
works with one 9Volt-battery (less hum) or 9V DC Power Adapter (positiv tip is standard, negativ tip may be requested),
2 channels means 2 output (6,3mm), dimensions:220x144x54mm,
weight: ca. 2kg
Sold out.

spikebox is a great fun definetly, but is it just mine which has a constant noise when I just turn it on? In other words, is there any position in which there is silence? I really like the attack sounds, but there is always constant noise behind.
Thats normal. but there is a possibility to get it silent. turn all 6 switches to the middle position. when you put your fingers on the nails now, nothing will happen, but turning one or more switches up or down simultaneously makes sound again. so you can work more in detail with the spikebox. another tip: when you put a 9V Battery inside, and don't connect the power adapter its a little bit more silent.