Customer Comments:

fantastic, it's real sonic paradise!

just wanting to let you know that everything work great and I really love this beautiful metal box.

Just wanted to tell you I LOVE THIS THING!!! thanks so much.

Grand Noir

This is a special limited Edition of 7 units.

The Grand Noir consists of eight main components:

a voltage controlled oscillator, a white noise generator,
a voltage controlled low pass filter, a low frequency oscillator,
an AR envelope generator, a VCA,
a ringmodulator and a low gain input for guitar, bass, mic, radio etc.
with the AR envelope generator push switch it is possible to create rhythmical patterns

It is build into a sturdy, black coated alu case.
solid black alu-knobs, no plastic outside.
all components are of high quality to last forever. One year warranty!
2 mono inputs, 1 mono output (ringmodulator),
1 mono input (for low gain signal) going thru grand noir, mono output (all 6,3mm),
dimensions:275x172x90mm, weight: ca. 1,8kg

Sold out.

Cacophonator Noir