Review Quotes:

The Cacophonator II is one of the craziest products we've seen for a while.(Future Music 08/11)

To make things a bit more predictable, it's possible to run external signals through the Cacophonator's audio input, allowing it to operate as an effect pedal. (Future Music 08/11)

the Cacophonator II is in its element producing wild and caustic sounds that sit halfway between a run-of-the-mill subtractive synth and a hacked speak-n-spell. The difference, though, is its ability to work these sounds.(Daniel Petry/Resident Advisor 11/11)

Despite the brutally utilitarian appearance of the raw aluminium case, the unit is clearly well built, with high-quality parts all round and a good solid feel to all the knobs and switches. (Future Music 08/11)


This is an old japanese sinus/square tone generator (with tubes inside). I have added a passive ringmodulator and several efx (reverb,room,pitchshift,tremolo).

dimensions:265x205x170mm, weight: ca. 2kg

Sold to Steve Bates. His website is quite interesting. have a look: Steve Bates


Cacophonator Noir Front



Cacophonator Noir Back