Review Quotes:

The Cacophonator II is one of the craziest products we've seen for a while.(Future Music 08/11)

To make things a bit more predictable, it's possible to run external signals through the Cacophonator's audio input, allowing it to operate as an effect pedal. (Future Music 08/11)

the Cacophonator II is in its element producing wild and caustic sounds that sit halfway between a run-of-the-mill subtractive synth and a hacked speak-n-spell. The difference, though, is its ability to work these sounds.(Daniel Petry/Resident Advisor 11/11)

Despite the brutally utilitarian appearance of the raw aluminium case, the unit is clearly well built, with high-quality parts all round and a good solid feel to all the knobs and switches. (Future Music 08/11)

Cacophonator II

Handmade electronic music synthesizer, effect pedal and noisebox for creating unique sounds and effects by intuitive handling.
with soundinput for weird treatment of your samples or whatever input (drummachine, synth, radio...).
also makes noise and distinctive sounds without input as stand alone sonic device. each of the six oscillators inside affect each other.
the prevailing function of the circuit changes from a deterministic to stochastic mode, increasingly difficult to predict complex in behavior.
it permits the user to increase the power supply impedance intentionally, and therefore the degree of interaction.
Original concept by Arthur Harrison, used the circuit with permission of its owner.
works with one 9Volt-Battery or 9V DC Power Adapter (positive tip),
mono input, mono output (6,3mm),
dimensions:188x120x77mm, weight: ca. 1kg
new features: audio input with preamplifier, input cut switch, bypass push switch with led, untreated alu-case.
all components are of high quality to last forever. Sold out.
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